Fair stands, exhibition stands

Participation in fairs and exhibitions is a great way to promote your brand and products. It is direct contact with customers or contractors that gives the most benefits in terms of image building or gaining wider and wider groups of recipients. An indispensable element of such events is the fair stand, which allows for an attractive presentation of the offer.

POSideo is a leading producer of POS materials in Poland. Our offer also includes promotional stands and innovative exhibition stands, which not only allow you to build a positive brand image and win new contracts, but are also the company's best showcase. Attractive presentation, interesting exhibition, professional service, eye-catching design and functionality of our exhibition stands make POSideo services used by both Polish and foreign companies wishing to stand out at trade fairs. Thanks to our projects, no one will pass by your exhibition facilities indifferently.

Exhibition stands - from design to assembly

Our advantage is the complexity of activities related to the production of stands for the fair. We provide implementation from design, through production, to delivery and assembly of an advertising stand. The work involves creative designers who guarantee an attractive visual dimension, experienced engineers responsible for the high functionality of the project, marketing specialists who care about the appropriate advertising and promotional load, as well as a factory of over XNUMX people, thanks to which we produce a complete stand characterized by high quality finish.

We offer exhibition stands made of a variety of raw materials and their mix. You can find fair stands made of wood and wood-based materials, plastics, metal and cardboard elements. We also provide a unique lighting fixture and implement multimedia emphasizing the modernity of the implementation and the openness of your company to new technologies.

Innovative exhibition stands - a solution for small and large companies

During events such as fairs or exhibitions, the individual and attractive character of the stand is extremely important. Only such a project has a chance to interest customers or contractors who will not pass by indifferently. We offer innovative exhibition systems that will attract attention with their colors and original design, as well as unique functionality and a modern approach to advertising and promotion. In the design, we take into account original lighting that emphasizes the characteristics of a modern fair stand, and we use a wide range of multimedia. We also take care to maintain a coherent message emphasizing the original elements recognizable for a given brand.

At the same time, we adapt each project to the client's needs. We provide an individual approach to expectations and adjust the equipment to functional requirements. We also offer modular exhibition stands, providing the possibility of creating various arrangements.

Exhibition stand - necessary equipment at the fair

The exhibition architecture must be both unique and original, as well as closely related to the characteristic visual identification of the brand. The main task of these features is to attract the attention of fair participants who would like to visit the pavilion. The exhibition stand, in addition to its expressive design, must also be functional, fulfill the tasks set for it and allow for the effective presentation of products or services. It is important that it allows easy contact and communication with potential contractors. A professional exhibition stand should fulfill all these functions and encourage visitors to familiarize themselves with the company's offer.

What should the exhibition stand look like? It is worth remembering that such a pavilion is a showcase of the company, so every effort should be made to arrange the space in an elegant, functional and memorable way. The construction of the exhibition stand should clearly define the company's space at the fair, hence it is worth keeping the company's presentation separate from other exhibitors. At least one or two exhibition walls, a floor matched to the color scheme and suspended elements will be perfect for this matter. They allow you to create a separate interior that will be pleasant and casual, as well as encouraging contact and cooperation.

What should an exhibition stand contain? The structure and arrangement depend on the company's profile, but there are several elements common to all such pavilions. Belong to them:

  • a counter or table (if the presentation is about services, not goods);
  • displaying the brand's graphic symbols, e.g. logos;
  • arranging space or stands for brand advertising material;
  • the use of appropriate lighting.

Additional elements can be chairs or armchairs, chests, display shelves, display walls, various POS materials, all types of multimedia, films, presentations.