We approach each order individually, at the same time taking into account the needs and expectations of recipients. As a result, you get advertising stands tailored to your needs with a tasteful style, effective advertising message and convenient and tailored functions. Many years of experience in the industry means that we understand the needs of our customers.

What do you gain by ordering shop displays from POSideo

What exactly
are Advertising Stands?

Advertising standsoften also called shop displays, stands or displays are materials intended for advertising and promotion of goods and brands. They are an irreplaceable support for direct sales and at the same time are a great way to increase the sales area in the store. outdoor advertising stands and internal.

The variety of products available in this category of POS materials means that they fulfill many functions. They work well as a combination of a shop rack with brand advertising, offer presentation, advertising information carrier or product display. As a result, selection advertising product to the established marketing campaign is not a problem.

Advertising stands they can have different sizes and dimensions. Smaller advertising displays is usually located at the counters (the so-called counter displays). The eye-catching graphics allow you to enlarge the shopping cart at the last moment before finalizing the sale. Bigger advertising stands They are placed on the floor in key points of the store and perfectly present the brand's assortment.

Where is used advertising stands? Racks can be widely used not only in trade - in shops and retail outlets. They will also prove useful in service outlets, customer service points, as well as during trade fairs and industry events. They are successfully used by public institutions, including educational and cultural institutions.

Is it worth investing
in advertising stands?

Advertising stand perfectly supports direct sales. It is an effective support for both the brand (by raising awareness among buyers) and the store (increasing sales results). What's more, it supports sales while relieving the staff working in the store - potential customers can independently reach for selected products from POS display.

Advertising stand awakening interest client and engages them for longer, while making them spend more time in the facility. Its task is to create an impulse to buy - this is facilitated by an effective presentation, rich colors, play of light or information that raises awareness of the product's features. Store displays it is not only a form of advertising and presenting products or an offer, but also an effective form of providing information relevant to the presented product. 

Advantage advertising stands there is undoubtedly a large print area, which allows for an effective presentation and effective transfer of any information related to the brand or product. Another advantage shop stands it is possible to adjust their location to the possibilities of the retail outlet. Depending on the needs and dimensions, they can be used both in the form of shopping racks and table top displays. They are a modern, ecological and at the same time popular product cardboard stands made of cardboard. Their advantage is not only a large space for printing, but also a light structure and low production costs.