Store building

Comprehensive store equipment

POSideo carries out orders for comprehensive equipment for shops, spaces in shopping centers, commercial and service premises or offices. Our service includes design, visualization, production of shop furniture and assembly in the facility. Many years of experience in the production of POS materials means that we provide customers with tailor-made orders not only in terms of matching furniture to the store and equipment to a specific premises, but also we provide the appropriate graphic, marketing and functional setting for the projects. 

We offer comprehensive shop equipment. As part of the project, we will include store displays, commercial shelves, sales counters and, if necessary, store islands or "shop-in-shop" projects. We also realize atypical buildings as well as ceiling and wall buildings. Shop furniture and shop counters are made of durable raw materials tailored to the nature of the retail outlet. We use wood, wood-based materials, metal and plastics. We choose the right lighting for the interior design. We equip modern furniture for stores with multimedia. We take care to maintain a homogeneous interior style. We strive to arrange a space that will be an excellent sales support.

As part of the store equipment, we work with both large, chain and small customers who care about a perfect image and attractive presentation of the assortment. We produce shop furniture for all industries - we create shop systems for grocery, general, clothing, sports and other shops. Among our clients there are Polish and foreign companies that appreciate the professionalism of cooperation, timely implementation and original, original and pro-sale store equipment.

Unique design and high functionality of shop furniture

Elegant and eye-catching design - Our unquestionable advantage are unique design concepts that surprise with a high level of visual attractiveness. POSideo puts at your disposal a team of talented graphic designers who create original store furniture in terms of design, at the same time referring to the brand's visual communication. Original colors, eye-catching shapes, attractive combination of textures and various materials make the store's equipment an additional "seller", which affects the amount of turnover and profits.

Marketing approach to selling in-store - We are entrepreneurs ourselves, so we know how important communication with the client is to increase the value of sales. Therefore, when designing furniture for the store, marketers also take part, who take care of the attractive sales equipment of the retail outlet. Thanks to our furniture, including store displays, store counters, stands, shelves or commercial islands, the facility will guarantee effective service and an effective presentation of products.

High functionality and ergonomics - The marketing approach and attractive visual dimension are not the only advantages of our projects. We also take care of the functionality of the shop furniture we create. We know how important it is to optimally use the space in the store while taking into account the ergonomics of sellers' work and the convenience of buyers. Our team also includes experienced engineers who will ensure the optimal functionality of the store systems used.

Modern production techniques - We build the stores in our factory employing over 100 people. We use modern machines that guarantee precise workmanship and a perfect finish. We use a variety of printing techniques to ensure the expected graphic effects.

We will adjust the design and execution to your needs

Each point of sale requires a different design approach. The distinction results from both the type of product sold and the space or administrative requirements imposed, for example, by the owner of the facility, manager or shopping mall. The basis of the project made by our company is the accurate measurement of the facility and a site visit, which allows for the arrangement of the store fully adapted to the technical capabilities of the facility. In the project, we take into account the needs of the client and dress them in a visually and functionally attractive expression. Customers accept the project after obtaining realistic visualizations, thanks to which they know exactly what the store will look like before the implementation in the retail outlet.

What is Store enclosure

The equipment of a retail outlet is crucial for its efficient functioning and should be adapted to the nature of the business. The development of a large-format store will differ from a clothing store or service point. At the same time, each store arrangement requires an individual approach. Among the elements of the store's equipment, the following can be distinguished:

Store equipment should be adapted to the type of assortment offered. At the same time, it is worth focusing on the implementation of shop systems made to measure. Such action allows you to take full advantage of the space available in the facility for the display of goods, a place for POS, temporary promotions and other activities that increase sales.