POSideo, as a producer of a wide range of POS materials, will help your company gain a competitive advantage. With us, you will take your merchandising campaign to the next level. We specialize in the design and production of all promotional materials necessary for merchandising. With us you will find:

Our specialists in advertising and product marketing are ready to assist in the selection of POS materials for the merchandising concept implemented by your company. You can entrust us with the comprehensive implementation of all materials needed for visual merchandising. We will adapt the designs of product promotion instruments to the needs of your company. 

The POS materials we create are perfect for product merchandising. In addition to eye-catching graphics or unusual shapes, we offer solutions using lighting and multimedia, which allow for an even more attractive display of goods. We also encourage you to create cross merchandising campaigns with us, taking into account the various needs of the client. Thanks to a properly selected presentation of the goods, you will increase sales, profits, sell surplus goods, implement effective promotions, increase brand awareness and improve the company's image.

What is Merchandising

Merchandising is a series of marketing services aimed at encouraging customers to make purchases at the point of sale. It is based on the display of goods and their products in a facility that focuses the attention of customers and has a significant impact on the amount of product sales. Moderating customer behavior through merchandising is a deliberate action that activates consumers through an attractive form of display, the placement of goods on store shelves, an interesting offer acting on the customers' subconscious. Effective merchandising is one that allows you to achieve sales growth and other “soft” but equally important goals: well-established brand awareness and even better brand image. As a result, the use of promotion instruments leads to an increase in the company's competitiveness in the economic space. 

The profession of visual merchandiser is inseparable from merchandising, whose task is to implement and care for the proper location of goods on store shelves and the appropriate display of the promotion.

Merchandising offers

Merchandising is an extremely effective method that allows you to increase the sales volume and thus turnover in a retail outlet. Appropriate display of goods, store decor, as well as other elements (e.g. smell) create an atmosphere conducive to shopping. This sales support tool increases the value of the product in the minds of the customer, making him not only more likely to buy it, but also increasing the probability that he will use it more often. Improving sales service plays an important role in merchandising. The techniques used bring benefits in 3 areas:

  • as sales support,
  • in increasing the number of customers,
  • better perception of the brand by consumers.

Merchandising goals

The immediate and overarching goal of merchandising is to increase the sale of the brand's goods, which is carried out using the right approach to the customer. The key in this regard is the appropriate presentation of products, which should not only interest the potential buyer, but also create a need for possession and purchase. Moreover, visual merchandising should focus on capturing the customer's attention, extending their stay at the point of sale. This approach will result in increased sales in the short and long term. Merchandising is also a way to raise brand awareness among customers and create an appropriate brand image. A properly displayed and presented product has a chance to stay in the customer's memory for a longer time, to be associated with positive emotions, solving a specific problem or satisfying needs.

Companies use Merchandising

Merchandising is essential to increase sales. Visual merchandising is used by all brands striving for a constant increase in the number of customers. Consumers appreciate the use of promotional materials such as POS, which directly increases sales. As a result, the principles of merchandising are applied by both small and large entities from all sectors of the economy. The only difference is the scale of the promotion instruments used.

How to effectively use Merchandising?

Merchandising rules clearly indicate the tools that are conducive to increasing sales. The key in this respect is the appropriate display of the goods, taking into account several basic rules. Among them, the most important are: