We are a leading manufacturer of displays in Poland. In our offer you will find original and eye-catching shop displays that are perfect for displaying, advertising and selling products. Projects created and produced by POSideo work well both in the commercial and horeca sectors.

We produce advertising displays from a variety of materials - from cardboard, through plastics, metal, wood and wood-based materials, often combining not only different raw materials, but also adding effective lighting or multimedia elements to them. Our advantage is the comprehensiveness of the implementation, consisting in the execution of the order from design, through making a prototype and production, to delivering the order to the recipient.

In our offer you will find stands tailored to your needs. We manufacture both counter and shelf displays - perfect as a store equipment for any industry. We adjust the form of POS material to the function it will perform - display, test or sales. We adjust the shape and dimensions of the display to the planned location. It is on this basis that we create products that will be functional, attracting attention, arousing interest and strengthening the awareness of the brand and its products among potential customers.

The versatility of activities is also associated with a holistic view of the marketing of goods. Our advertising displays are characterized by a unique design created by creative graphic designers, excellent functionality and ease of use thanks to the work of engineers, a strong advertising load adapted to the industry and potential customers thanks to the work of an experienced team of marketers and finally high-quality workmanship, finishing and printing, which is provided by over 100 people employed in our factory.

We work with clients from various industries, countries and traditions in the field of advertising. We treat each project and client individually, which allows us to create POS materials from every industry that achieve high efficiency in the field of product marketing.

Displays with an exhibition and test function

An excellent way to advertise the assortment is appropriate display and the possibility of testing by the customer in the store. This is an effective way to encourage recipients to buy the presented goods. In the case of displays with a display and test function, the key is easy access to the display and easy operation of the tester. In displays with a display and test function, all the elements that allow you to check the product play a significant role. That is why it is so important to adjust the store display to the parameters of the presented product. In the case of cosmetics, a mirror may be indispensable, in the case of electronics, a presentation of the device's operation. Here, the range of solutions is enormously wide and gives extraordinary opportunities for an innovative look at the presented product.

Advertising displays with a sales function

Stands with a sales function must, in addition to advertising and presentation values, also have space for larger inventories. Here, the key is to create a space that will accommodate more goods. Undoubtedly, this type of POS materials that function as store equipment is not only conducive to increasing the interest of customers, but also directly helps to increase the value of the shopping basket. Hence, not only design and perfect, inviting presentation are important, but also functionality that allows customers to easily access the products on display. Advertising stands with a sales function must also enable constant replenishment of the missing assortment. Therefore, it is recommended to make them from durable materials that allow for long-term use.

Cardboard displays

Cardboard displays are one of the most popular types of POS materials. These are relatively inexpensive materials that have many advantages in terms of both functionality and display. A large print area, the possibility of using various, eye-catching shapes allow for effective visual communication. This material is perfect for each type of printing, ensuring that saturated colors are preserved. On the other hand, cardboard is a light material, so it does not require high costs for transport. Cardboard constructions are also characterized by simplicity in terms of folding. Their advantage is also the relatively low production price. An unquestionable disadvantage, however, is the low resistance to weather conditions and moisture, which is why cardboard displays work only inside buildings.

Displays made of wood and wood-based materials

Displays made of wood and wood-based materials are displays that work well in presenting natural and ecological items. Wood is an extremely decorative, noble and elegant material. POS materials created with this raw material are durable, durable and attract the attention of customers. They wonderfully present products of natural origin, referring to history and customs, traditional recipes

Plastic shop displays

Displays made of plastic are perfect for presenting glamor in the cosmetics or electronics industry. They add shine and elegance to the presented product. If placed on the counter, they will attract the attention of all customers, encouraging them to buy the indicated goods.

Mixed materials displays

This type of POS displays allows for an innovative presentation of goods. It allows you to combine traditional materials such as wood with metal or plastic elements, allowing for unique and fully unique advertising structures. The use of a variety of raw materials emphasizes the originality of the design and innovative solutions. This type of displays is perfect for presenting premium products, in which you want to emphasize modernity while referring to tradition.

Displays with built-in lighting

Light plays a huge role in the presentation of the assortment. Its game allows you to effectively emphasize the features of the displayed product and attract the attention of potential customers. We use innovative solutions that ensure low electricity consumption. We use LED lighting, which guarantees a modern finish of the displays. Illuminated elements, strips, light diffusion on the fragments of displays made of plastic add elegance, originality and a modern image to the presentation.

Displays equipped with multimedia

Multimedia is another element that we implement in displays. Multimedia presentations allow not only to attract the attention of potential customers, but also to provide them with information about the product, use the language of benefits to indicate advantages, evoke emotions and at the same time encourage recipients to interact. The modern style of presentation is perfect for trade fairs and industry events.

Counter displays

The cash desk is an ideal place to locate all types of displays for sale, exhibition and test purposes. Here, customers stay longer, and in the event of a queue, they have time to look at the presented products. Counter displays play an effective sales role, therefore equipping stores with such POS displays increases the shopping basket of customers. What's more, they are in the constant sight of the seller, who will take care of their constant stocking. Counter displays can be made of any type of raw material - it is only important to adapt it to the specifics of the presented product. In the case of this type of display, a variety of shapes, colors and forms can be successfully used, assuming a relatively small size of the display.

Shelf displays

Shelf displays require adjusting dimensions to the height of the shelves on which they are located. Here, the most important thing is the concept focused on the maximum use of the space between the shelves. It is also important to attract customers' attention effectively. Therefore, in the case of shelf displays, LED lighting is used, which additionally emphasizes the presented product. In this way, the client will locate the exhibition faster.

Leaflet displays

One of the applications for displays is presenting the offer in the form of leaflets. Such an advertising display must be an effective carrier of information, the extension of which is placed on the leaflet. It must also encourage potential recipients to download a brochure or catalog. Leaflet displays can be found in every service or commercial facility. They are perfect for trade fairs and industry events.