Store shelves and shelves are the key point responsible for the implementation of sales, so it is worth taking care of appropriate development and the use of POS materials to support sales. Adapting the shelves to the assortment allows you to optimally arrange the space for displaying products. Moreover, the variety of displays increases the interest of customers. The marketing and pro-sales load of the shelves can be strengthened by using dedicated POS materials. It is common to use shelf-stoppers, shelf-liners, price bars, large price tags, toppers or wobblers.

Installation of shelves and racks - an effective way to promote brands and goods

POSideo implements projects related to the implementation of shelves and racks in points of sale and service facilities. We make both POS materials intended to support sales from the store shelves, and we create buildings intended for promotional campaigns. Our offer also includes racking sides adapted to the customer's needs.

POSideo - creative projects, functional solutions

We approach each project individually, creating shelves adapted to the expectations of the client. Our offer includes all POS materials dedicated to location on store shelves. We offer comprehensive services related to design, prototype, production and delivery to the place indicated by the client. For production, we use raw materials that work well in this type of implementation: from plastics, through wood and wood-based materials, to metal. As a result, we provide comprehensive implementation of advertising materials for store shelves, which allows customers to obtain a uniform marketing message at the point of sale. 

Our advantage is an experienced and creative team of designers, engineers and marketers, thanks to which the products we offer are both tasteful in terms of design, as well as functional and effective in terms of marketing. In addition, we offer our customers a factory employing a team of 100 specialists in the field of plastic, metal, wood and printing processing. Diversified and modern machinery allows us to perform orders even with a high degree of complexity and guarantees high aesthetics and quality of finish. 
Store shelves and POS materials located on store shelves realized by POSideo enjoy unflagging popularity among customers. In this regard, we cooperate with both large and small companies from Poland and abroad. Eye-catching graphics and unconventional designs in terms of shapes and colors, friendly terms of cooperation and comprehensive implementation are appreciated by our contractors.

Installation of shelves and racks - what is worth using in the store

POS materials in stores and other establishments perfectly support sales. Their use attracts the attention of customers, extends the time they spend in the store and increases sales results. Check what materials are worth using when building store shelves to increase the value of sales in your facility.

Wobbler - a kiwak that attracts the attention of customers

A wobbler is a relatively small element that is mounted on a store shelf. It is made of an elastic strip or spring and advertising. The elastic strap makes the kiwak move with every movement of air, attracting the attention of passing customers. Usually made in eye-catching colors, the original shapes immediately indicate the location of products from a given brand.

Price strips and price tags - give the customer information

Nobody likes looking for the price of a specific product in the store - the lack of such information is frustrating for the customer and avoid such situations at all costs. The solution is pricing strips and large price cards. They clearly and clearly indicate how much the product costs. What's more, you can use them to moderate sales by indicating promotions, opportunities or discounts. Consumers appreciate such an easier shopping experience

Shelf-liners - emphasize the location of products on the shelf

Shelf-liners are advertising material attached to the strip on the shelf, which determines the location of the goods of a specific brand. You can place an advertising message or information about products on them. In combination with a shelf-stopper, they create a tandem, thanks to which the product will be noticed even in a maze of similar goods.

Shelf-stoppers - for visibility from a distance

Shelf-stopper is an advertisement placed perpendicular to the shelf, which, thanks to the fact that it protrudes from the shelf, is very visible to customers. It indicates the location of specific products, thanks to which consumers do not have to look for goods in the entire store. An intriguing shape, colorful graphics, sometimes additional LED lighting attracts attention and encourages you to stop at a given shelf.

Toppers - top shelf merchandise

Topper is an effective POS that emphasizes product quality. These goods, which are placed high on the store shelves, are perceived as the best in their class. It is worth enhancing this effect by placing an advertising strip on the top shelves that attracts the attention of customers.

Installation of the sides of the racks - or how to use the undeveloped space

The ends of a line of shop shelves are usually not equipped with shelves and in this form are a lost place for displaying and selling goods. Interestingly, it is also a place of great sales importance, which is perfect as a location for promotion, occasion or advertising. We offer the construction of the sides of the racks, which will allow for an attractive display of goods. It is worth emphasizing that sales campaigns carried out in these places ensure high effectiveness.